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and non-traditional research outputs

Writing is my first love.

Here's a selection of my creative works, across print, stage and online.

a body at the edge
of language
(nonfiction book)  //  forthcoming

I am reworking my PhD into a creativecritical memoir, for publication in 2024. 


Pebbles shift, crunching under each step with the swiftness of a sneeze, pebbles followed by damp dark sand streaked with pale grey, sand hard underfoot followed by grassy mounds of dull emerald and dusted moss, softly giving, forgiving every footstep.

I stop to inhale the earthy, living scent of green. A smile unfurls from inside out, warming the backs of my legs through to diaphragm and breaking at grinning, wide eyes. Then feet are moving again. Breathe in. I run and I am fed by earth and I feed the earth and I run. Breathe out.

SOMA: a performance in three parts
(dance / poetry)  //  October 2019

Performed at Dancehouse, Melbourne, in October 2019.

Collaborative performance between three writers: Dr Smiljana Glisovic, Assoc Prof Jessica Wilkinson and Dr Stefanie Markidis

I am a writer who once was a dancer. How does one practice inflect upon the other?

Funded development via RMIT College of Design and Social Context.

Screen Shot 2023-12-15 at 10.41.15 am.png
Screen Shot 2023-12-15 at 10.40.58 am.png

Journalism Matters:
50 years of journalism at RMIT
(edited book)  //  October 2023

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of RMIT's journalism program, I edited a collection of essays from prominent alumni including Patricia Karvelas, Drew Ambrose, Michelle Griffin, Rachael Hocking and more. 

I developed the editorial vision for the book, commissioned and edited each essay and worked with the Bowen Street Press to produce the collection. Copies can be purchased here. 

Book blurb:

2023 marks fifty years of journalism at RMIT. What came into the world as a small trade course has grown to become one of the finest tertiary programs in the nation. Now, Dr Stefanie Markidis unites a chorus of celebrated names who have passed through our halls to provide a compelling glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of those who dedicate their lives to upholding the truth.


Journalism Matters presents thoughtful reflections on the seismic shifts towards a more diverse and technologically advanced media industry, addressing the trials that led us here and the opportunities that shine on the horizon. It’s a testament to the enduring importance of truth telling and the role educational institutions play in bringing up the next generation of dedicated truth tellers.

J Matters.jpeg
Screen Shot 2023-12-26 at 7.59.11 am.png

Feature writing folio (NTRO)
(NTRO)  //  2021-2023

A series of feature articles exploring, via practice, the capacity of literary journalism to articulate creativity.


Research statement:  


In ‘Material Thinking’, art theorist Paul Carter states that describing the inner workings of creative practice is a challenge as they “cannot easily be put into words”, causing critics and media to oversimplify creative production and artists to avoid describing their process altogether (2004). Feature writing, as journalist David Stephenson states, “brings to light a distinctive part or aspect of an issue, event or person” (1998) through its tools, which are catalogued by researchers Alexander and McDonald as “critical approach … immersive techniques … flexible and innovative rhetorical resources” (2022). This folio of feature articles continues my ongoing contributions to the field of literary journalism, offering five feature articles that explore how feature writing – in particular, artist profiles – can illuminate complexities of creative practice in new ways. Each article in this folio responds to and articulates the creative practice of its subject, a contemporary designer. Using methods and processes of feature writing – motif, structure, metaphor and quotation – the articles demonstrate practitioners' engagement with gendered knowledge systems (Laura Wood), rest and play for creativity (Maynard), working with population growth and sustainability (Formosa), observance of First Nations sovereignty (Hind) and cross-medium inspiration (Carin) in arts practice.

the possibility of falling
(stage script) // 2016

The Possibility of Falling is a stage script for The Marvellous Reject Girl Melbourne tour, performed at Longplay (Melbourne) in September and October 2016.



Image credit: Sophie Pellegrini and Freya Bennett 2016

Image credit: Sophie Pellegrini 2016

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